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Welcome to Ubiquitious Computing - COSC 4355/6355

The Ubiquitous Computing course was one of the first of its kind when it was created back in 2003. Its goal is to train students in software development for mobile devices. Initially, the course used the Windows mobile platform; programming included not only smartphones, but also custom-made sensors, such as 3D accelerometers that were Bluetooth enabled. With the introduction of the iPhone in 2008, the UC course was one of the first nationwide to switch platforms. The iPhone brought a revolution in mobile computing by redefining the user-interface and incorporating a number of sensors, such as 3D accelerometer and GPS, in the device itself.

Teaching Philosophy

This is an advanced programming course and thus, time-consuming by its nature. If you do not have the necessary time you are advised not to take this course. Given the direction the software industry has taken, this is also one of the most important courses for your professional career and thus, one that needs special attention.

We believe that in an advanced programming course having merely a formal lecture series is the equivalent of reading a tedious manual from A to Z. It can be done, but it is neither smart nor cool. The best way for someone to become a good programmer is by doing things. Students need to read the designated online material before each class and come ready to implement a programming exercise during the second and third hour. The instructors will deliver a concise lecture the first hour, providing also the students some hints, but the students themselves at the group level will do most of the exercise. Three times during the course of the semester these exercises will be done without any help (in-class programming assignments).

To ensure that students understand the theory, a quiz will be administered the first five minutes of each class. It will cover material from the previous session, as well as the session that will be about to commence.

Apple Developer Library

Swift Documentation

Hardware Resources

Instruction is delivered in a specially designed classroom (315-HBS) with 9 group stations equipped with Macs. The classroom also features a magic board for interactive instruction. Homework and project work can be done in the Mac lab at PGH. We will also loan to each group an iPhone and a Mac Book for the duration of the semester.

Current Semester (Fall 2019)

Past Semesters

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