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S-Interface (Previously OTACS) is a software we offer along with our algorithms to measure various physiological variables using thermal imaging. Some of these are perinasal perspiration measurement and breathing rate measurement.

The perinasal signal measurement has allowed measurement of sympathetic arousal in situations that never before were possible, especially as it can be measured completely unobtrusively. It is an alternative for electrodermal activity on the finger tips, which is an indication of physiological or psychological arousal. The measurement has been validated in a study and has been used in a number of applications such as measuring stress in critical dexterous situations as well as in lie detection experiments.

With thermal imagery of the nostrils, there is no longer a need to insert thermister probes in subject's nostrils which are uncomfortable and subjected to noise due to motion of the probe. The breathing measurement algorithm which we provide measures the breathing waveform similar to that aquired using a temperature probe.

Both of the above features take support of our robust tracker.

Getting the Software

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Using the Tracking and Perspiration Extraction algorithm

Using the Tracking and Breathing Rate measurement algorithm

Applications of the breathing rate measurement algorithm

Sleep Apnea Monitoring
Noncontct Measurement of Breathing Function
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